What are the most and least stressful jobs available?

28 Mar

What jobs are most stressful and which are the least demanding?

While everyone can claim they experience stress in their careers, some face it more than others due to strenuous work conditions or mentally challenging clients. For example, teachers in elementary school classrooms may face higher levels of stress than someone working a reception desk at a doctor's office. Individuals in labor-intensive positions such as construction, contracting and mechanics may face physical wear and tear, yet team dynamics and satisfying end product results increase their satisfaction levels.

For hiring managers and human resource specialists, it is best to know what jobs are the most stressful physically and mentally for employees. There is no clear-cut answer, but the resulting industries may surprise you:

Most mentally stressful jobs
Surprisingly, some of the most mentally stressful careers include TV news broadcasting hosts, actors, event coordinators, photojournalists and reporters, according to Forbes. The high stress of these positions comes from their need for accuracy, a strong professional look and the pressure of a perfect end product. In the general workplace, CEOs and brand ambassadors face more stress than interns or regular salaried workers.

Least mentally stressful jobs
As said by Business News Daily, the least stressful professions on the market include hairstylist, medical records technician, jeweler, librarian, laboratory technician and information security analyst. These positions are stress-free due to their flexible hours and low-risk industries. Non-seasonal retail positions are also listed as a low-stress industry for many employees.

Most physically stressful jobs
List Surge's top physically stressful jobs include military personnel, construction workers, cocoa farmers, general farmers, fishermen, miners, astronauts, oil rig workers and firefighters. These jobs top the list due to their high physical needs and their long, strenuous hours. Other physically stressful jobs include restaurant busboys, woodcutters, butchers and bodyguards or security services. These jobs are physically demanding due to their need for brute strength to accomplish the task. They also involve technical skills such as proper catch-and-release techniques for fishermen and proper drilling for miners.

Least physically stressful
According to Career Cast, office-based positions and physical therapy are considered the least physically stressful because they involve large amounts of sitting and constant human interaction. Of these, audiologists, dietitians, software engineers, programmers, dental assistants and speech pathologists experience less stress because the work is done primarily in one room and in a quiet setting. However, some careers such as animation, yoga and graphic design can lead to carpal tunnel if the employee does not take frequent breaks to stretch their hands.

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