Tips for the HR department of one

22 Feb

An HR department of one is possible with the right planning.

Human resource management system software can give small-business owners the assistance they need to make important decisions, but what do you do when you're a HR department of one? You might have just a small pool of employees to look after, however, how can one individual tackle all of the administrative work along with face-to-face interactions with employees all at the same time? The workload might send many people running for the exits.

Being the sole HR representative for your business means it's up to you to explain yearly benefits packages, file important documents and handle any personnel issues that might arise. While the work might seem overwhelming, it's still doable. With that said, let's take a look at a few tips and tricks to help you get started: 

1. Let your company know the power you hold
There's a lot of administrative work that goes into HR, but that's not all. Let the rest of your business know you also play a strategic and vital role in decision making. As an HR department of one, you can always outsource the more paper-pushing tasks to enterprises that offer payroll software programs. However, you know your business best and you can provide the strategic human resource management it needs. 

2. Make a schedule
It's easier said than done for an HR professional to make a schedule and stick to it. Being the lone HR representative means you have to perform triage most of the time. However, prioritize your time wisely. Set aside an hour or two during the week to work on specific tasks so you're not scrambling to get crucial paperwork completed at the last minute. 

3. Always stay up to date
Since HR includes many legal matters, you must stay current with labor laws. With that said, look for a few good resources you can turn to if you need help in this area. There are a number of resource books, websites and blogs you can use including "The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law."

4. Use technology to your advantage
Besides using a third-party service to handle payroll, you can also look for other services or download programs to search and organize job applicants. Also, put social media platforms such as LinkedIn to use to find potential candidates. 

An HR department of one is possible if you prioritize your time and think strategically

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