How HR can fill the toughest jobs of 2016

2 Feb

Trade positions are challenging for HR staff to fill.

In any human resource professional's career, there will be roles that are challenging to supply employees for. However, since recruitment is HR staff's responsibility, these workers need to develop effective strategies to fill these positions. Let's look at some of the most difficult jobs to find people for and how to overcome that struggle:

Marketing managers
Digital advertising is growing in today's business world, and companies need proper leaders to run their campaigns. However, marketing managers can be in short supply since they usually average a six-figure salary from the get-go. Communications-based candidates have highly transferable skills sets though and could be trained, over time, to take on a larger management role. By finding applicants with similar skill sets and providing on-the-job preparation, organizations can educate workers to retain knowledge most pertinent to the job.

Trade workers
Industries like manufacturing are having a tough time locating skilled employees who can fill the number of open positions they have. Instead, they're left to bring uneducated workers on board. While these candidates are paid less money, they may also have less of a work ethic as they're not professionals within the trade. It's crucial for businesses in this industry to make sure their future employees are receiving adequate training in both high school and postsecondary school. Collaborating with these institutions on curriculum and preparatory methods will assist trade organizations locate capable workers.

This role has been a tough position to fill for years. As engineers retire, there aren't enough additional employees to take their jobs or workloads. Past workers had a variety of skills at their discretion, which the new set struggle to obtain, making the role even more difficult for them. In order to hire efficient people for these positions, HR teams should look at candidates who are a few years from entering the job market. While recent college graduates may not be able to fill these roles right away, given two years or so, they could be perfect for the careers and all its necessary skills and responsibilities.

Just like any other year, 2016 will have jobs that are challenging to fill. It's important for HR leaders to think ahead and develop recruitment strategies that will find the best candidates for specific roles. While these tactics may be unorthodox, they can have astounding results.

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