How to be a great leader

2 Feb

There are many traits that leaders possess.

Leading a team through challenges doesn't come readily to some people involved with human resource planning, but others seem to be born to guide others. The more someone practices leadership, the better a manager someone can become. Here are some words of advice from experts in the field.

You must be able to delegate
Forbes explained that delegation is crucial for proper leadership. Those in command are essentially directing the work flow to different people. A leader can't handle everything that his or her team is supposed to do. Delegation is a big part of controlling a large group of people, which sometimes means letting people cut their teeth on work they've never done before. Other times, it requires a leader to assign an expert to a problem and give him or her the tools needed to succeed.

You have to care about your team and demonstrate it
While this seems like a no brainer, it's actually not. There are plenty of leaders who treat their staff terribly, and workers recognizes this. To foster a spirit of loyalty and dedication, leaders have to give as much as they expect to take from people. This means helping people along in their career, providing inspiration and motivation during difficult times, and also being a genuine person, Inc. Magazine suggested. The words that sometimes get bandied about are "servant leader" or "mindful leader," but the concept remains the same. To be someone who connects emotionally with his or her team, just be there as a person first and a boss second. Doing so will result in a great deal of loyalty built up over time.

Commit to decisions, but accept mistakes
There's a concept in business called the sunk cost, in which something costs money and the cash is lost. The best thing to do with a sunk cost is let it be and move on to another project. When leadership makes a decision, it has to be with full commitment and good faith that one is making the right choice. At the very least, for someone who has decided to enter a new market, it's a good idea to have some people committed to it, even if the entirety of a business's energy isn't there. But when a mistake happens, Small Business Trends recommended that people just get out of the market. Think about what happened with Target in Canada. The company cut its losses and took the hit. This was better than staying around and continuing to lose money.

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