Digital continues to be important for hospitality in 2015

23 Feb

Remember that people currently don't expect to pay for the same lavish treatment as they might have in other years.

The future of the hospitality industry largely depends on the level of disposable income people have. In past years, focusing on different wealth tiers has been one way to capture every interested party with at least one level of service they can afford and enjoy. This will still be the case in the new year as the income gap continues to widen in the U.S., Hospitalitynet reported. However, one aspect of the business that may change or be emphasized, will be digital marketing. The number of people who comparison shop for the best hotels has grown, according to 4 Hoteliers. As such, this key market segment should be catered to with options that will improve the likelihood of taking a high potential client and bringing that person to the hotel.

Instant chat
There are different digital pathways for the online hotel shopper, with multiple marketing solutions geared toward each decision. The most obvious choice is to offer a live chat session. These services don't require one person for each chat, and can help to turn clients with an instant sense of the hospitality of the hotel and the friendliness of the staff. It also helps because information can be presented to someone without that person needing to go through a website. Patrons can ask questions and have them answered directly without any trouble. This is the recommended option by 4 Hotelier,

Phone calls
Another choice is the phone call. Some people do still call by phone, but it's trickier to consistently deliver a truly excellent phone call without having a sufficient number of dedicated agents who know a great deal about the hotel. If the number of people answering phones isn't high enough, then individuals will be put on hold, which will be distracting and irritating to the customer.

HR management departments will have to decide for themselves about how many people to hire for marketing and where to place them.

Once the guest is in the hotel
Making the sale and getting someone to a hotel is one thing, but keeping that person or family happy will be a greater challenge in 2015. For one thing, Tony Simons, associate professor of management and organizational behavior at Cornell, called attention to the growing awareness and actuality of wealth disparity in the U.S. in an interview with 4 Hoteliers. People are becoming sensitive to the different options available for levels of service. The key is that people are generally less well off in 2015 versus other years, so the demand for top service has shifted toward more toward the medium levels of hospitality. It sounds strange to say that there are levels of hospitality because obviously everyone expects a high degree of service, but in terms of expenses, people are less willing to shell out a lot of money for lavish treatment, and instead would prefer to save money by having a nice hotel with good services and amenities for an affordable price. Offering this is one way to meet the changing demands of consumers.

At the same time, there will always be a small number of people who want a penthouse treatment for a couple of days, so don't completely neglect the more expensive options for hotel pampering.

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