Keeping employees motivated without breaking the bank

1 Dec

Motivation drives company performance.

Coming up with employee engagement ideas that boost motivation is an easy way to keep profits high and turnover low. When employees have the right spirit, they work harder and practice better teamwork.

The best way to keep people motivated is simply to be an employee-centric company, according to Staff Motivation Matters. Many businesses make a point of putting employees at the top of their list of stakeholders – ahead of customers and even shareholders. As a result, these businesses tell their employees everything that it makes sense to tell them, including good and bad news. They promote transparency and foster a spirit of genuine collaboration. Managers are chosen appropriately without picking favorites or valuing some employees more than others.  People give each other appropriate feedback and work together. Team building allows people to get to know each other and get along well.

Making career paths
Another aspect of the employee-centric point of view is the creation of career paths that employees can follow, Forbes contributor Victor Lipman noted. This means caring about what happens to people in the future. Everyone should be groomed for the positions that are appropriate for them This can be difficult because some employees by the nature of their jobs may get the idea that hard work is less important for their task But this should not be the case if someone explains to them that they can advance if they work hard and show a daily effort.

This goes along with being a caring boss or at least hiring caring people to be in managerial positions. Taking a genuine interest in someone's work and life goals could be a way of unlocking potential a manager didn't know was there. People could have skills they didn't indicate on their resume, or they might have done some training during their off hours.

Focusing on motivation at a granular level
Sometimes motivational factors are specific to individual employees. For example, one employee may be triggered by the idea of progress or forward movement. Entrepreneur suggested that when faced with an employee like that, the best motivation strategy is to use those words to highlight ways that a project or job would move a company in the right direction. Just changing how managers describe something can go a long ways toward encouraging the right frame of mind in an employee.

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