Cloud-based tools coming to the forefront

31 Dec

Cloud software makes companies more efficient.

Cloud-based HR manager software is quickly becoming the normal way that business is conducted, according to Mid-Size Insider. While some question whether cloud-based tools are actually making business more difficult, most people agree that the ability to work from anywhere in the world as long as one has Internet access ultimately benefits a business, so long as the company is still being run efficiently and with the proper regard for its workers.

Cloud-based tools allow employees to check their employee status, their benefits packages, and everything else whenever and wherever they might need this information. For example, a user might access the cloud in order to give proof of employment to someone when he or she is buying a car. Another person may want to double-check to see whether his or her dental coverage extends to oral surgery.

The benefit for those on the HR side of the business is also very large. For example, someone could perform data entry at home, and rather than simply populate an Excel spreadsheet, the information would be sent through the cloud to the actual HR software, which would then span the entire database at once, saving time and letting someone work at their house if he or she chooses.

Cloud-based tools benefit businesses
It is somewhat surprising, given the functionality of the cloud, that some have argued against it. But some people have cited fears that having constant availability to business information may be overwhelming for employees, who might feel compelled to work at all hours, according to the Society for Human Resources Managers. However, according to a study by Softchoice, a technology provider, 74 percent of 1,000 workers who were surveyed said they enjoyed using the cloud and that they were happy with their jobs. Eighty-five percent of those who used six or more cloud apps for work also reported they had an optimal work/life balance.

"The deluge of mobile devices and cloud apps into our personal and professional lives has fueled a common perception that technology leads to overworked, disengaged staff," said Francis Li, vice president of information technology at Softchoice. "On the contrary, our research shows that technology, and cloud apps in particular, have the potential to play key roles in solving long-standing employee engagement challenges."

Having mobile devices allows staff to work whenever they want, as well as any place they choose, even if this means working from home during unconventional business hours. Generally, this gives workers more freedom to choose when and how they want to do their job, which can improve morale at the office.

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