Presentation crucial for social media hiring campaigns

24 Nov

Hiring via social media is quite common now.

Social media can be a great way to recruit employees. The push to begin expanding into the world of LinkedIn and other networking sites was gradual at first, according to Talent Circles, but the process has been speeding up. As communication along these networks becomes more complex, the news site advocates for a new system of metrics for analyzing the success or failure of social media efforts.

For example, the old way of judging the quality of a post was by looking at its retweets, shares and likes. But these are superficial measures of quality. The important thing is being able to connect with potential candidates. Doing this with funny posts or something that gets a lot of views isn't going to work as well as sending out a specific message that is targeted to particular audiences who will be smaller in number but more engaged with the material.

To measure the true engagement people have with a business, a better way of doing things is by looking at the substantive responses in the form of job applications and comments on the posts. If you are looking for specific candidates and not getting them, then your social media campaign isn't working, no matter how popular it is. Instead, think about focusing on niche audiences and writing specifically with their interests in mind.

Social media campaigns depend on the project
Of course, some people successfully engage a wide audience because the industry they want to recruit doesn't have strict barriers to entry. Gallup described a number of companies that have begun advertising their seasonal jobs via social media platforms. This way the company can simultaneously promote its identity as being set apart from similar businesses and at the same time offer work that many people need during the holidays.

Companies like Macy's and Wal-Mart have all begun to post season's greetings alongside job postings for specific calendar days. People who want to look more deeply into the programs can apply online.

How to advertise on social media
Whether a company is hiring for large-scale temporary work or for particular industries that have specific job requirements, it is important to remember that anything a company does on the Internet is a part of its branding not only as a company but also as a place where people would work for a living. As such, it is crucial to ensure that everything involved with the hiring process go smoothly to give people the sense that working for the company will be free of bureaucratic red tape. Using quality employee management software is a good way to ensure a smooth hiring system.

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