Keeping employees working for the long haul

10 Nov

Employee retention benefits from a strong working culture.

Employee retention has less to do with a simple campaign and more to do with a broad, inclusive employee resource planning, according to the Chicago Post-Tribune. The basic facets to keep in mind include rewards, structure, keeping bureaucracy to a minimum and hiring the right people. When people are happy in their jobs and corporate culture is sound, they won't want to leave their positions for another place to work. Additionally, employees want to be able to grow in a company for a long time. Businesses with a lot of turnover often can make people feel like they are never going to make it into the upper echelons of a company, which can make it challenging for people to stay motivated.

Culture is another major incentive for people who want to stay in a company. People who enjoy a family atmosphere and a culture that emphasizes working hard may stay longer because they admire the spirit of their fellow workers and want to stay where they have friends.

Keeping veterans happy
Business 2 Community explained that one major place where companies need to focus their attention is veterans. The number of people who stay with a company for between one and two years is always going to be a much larger percentage than the people who stay somewhere for five or more years, but getting those veteran workers to stick around can help retain a strong culture. It also helps to have people with experience. In the field of tech support, Business 2 Community points out that most people leave work after staying for less than a year, which means they never have enough experience in comparison with people who stay for longer.

By keeping people for more than a year, the overall quality of the company's product may improve. Generally it takes a long time for people to be good at their job, and if someone leaves before he or she becomes a major expert, then the business as a whole will not be working at peak performance.

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