360-degree reviews lets companies see themselves entirely

31 Oct

The so-called 360 review allows employers to see themselves from every angle. Their own bosses will give their opinions, along with coworkers and subordinates. It is much more effective than having just one person give another member of the HR team a review. The choices made regarding human resource planning impact every member of a team differently, and everyone giving their feedback allows for a more rounded assessment.

According to Knowledge.edu, a business education site, having a degree of self-awareness will benefit employers much more than would filling out a form about how they perceive themselves. The 360 review is the best vehicle for creating this self-awareness because it lets employers map out how they are doing according to everyone. There may be some cognitive dissonance when employers realize they've favored bosses over subordinates or vice-versa, but this is what the review is for. People will know where their personal weak points reside and how to address them moving forward.

Learn about individuals and the business as well
Discussing the 360 review with an employer or someone in senior management who knows how to shape feedback and give it some perspective would probably help the process of introspection even more. Training Zone reported that, a properly done 360 review essentially reviews not only a single employer, but also the entire company as a whole. The example cited was a sales team being rewarded on short-term, individual goals versus the 360 degree review demonstrating that management wants its salesforce to be making group-oriented selling that is focused on the long-term . The website emphasized that this information must be wrung from the review – information like this won't come naturally but through hard work. People will have to spend a lot of time poring through the data of many 360 reviews before a clear picture of the teams and the business comes into focus.

Everyone has to do their part
One point about 360 reviews is people have to complete them. There is really no excuse for getting a low completion rate – track individuals until they finish their reviews if necessary. But another way of making sure the 360s are done is by using a carrot instead of a stick. Training Zone suggested tailoring the questions to the people being asked, along with the person being reviewed. Additionally, keeping the number of questions to around just 30 is easier.

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