Two approaches to management and HR

19 Aug

IKEA's focus on management and HR working together enables its success.

Management and human resources work together at IKEA, according to HC Online, and this allows the company a greater level of success than it otherwise would have enjoyed.

The plan to integrate HR and management was something planned from the beginning.

"Thirty years ago, [IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad] never imagined or constructed an organization of 'HR' people, but rather outlined a philosophy that put the growth of people and the growth of the business on an equal footing," IKEA HR Manager Jessica Murphy explained in an interview with HC Online.

Human resources are linked with management in a number of ways at IKEA. One such way is by having weekly meetings in which the two sides exchange ideas.

Why companies hate HR
This goes against many other leaders in the business field, who have written articles describing a desire to get rid of HR or change it in some way, according to Forbes. The theory is that HR is based on a collection of different regularity experts, people who are good at employee management systems and people who know how to use payroll software programs. In other words, the whole thing is unrelated to the act of managing people and making money, and therefore should be outsourced.

The two approaches – IKEA's approach and the one described by Forbes – show the discrepancies that can happen when companies don't understand what HR does. If a company's management doesn't know HR, then the human resources team must be sure to communicate this. HR is about much more than doing paperwork.

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