5 HR solutions that attract workers from day one

8 Jul

Retention rates could increase if employers address the issue from day one.

Human resources are constantly striving to increase retention rates and to keep their best workers in the organization, but with a younger generation of employees entering the workforce, it's getting more difficult to hold on to the good ones. While some employers try to work on retention rates long after they hire people, businesses should consider addressing the issue from day one.

Here are five HR solutions that attract workers from day one:

1. Make sure supervisors are welcoming
More often than not, managers simply try to increase retention rates by offering better benefits along with more incentives and rewards. However, according to Grammarly, the most strategic way to improve retention rates is to start improving employer-worker relationships at the hiring process and not when they are already comfortable in their position.

If companies focus on keeping their workers for the long haul from day one, it could show employees the company truly values them in the workplace. According to Forbes, managers have to be welcoming and inviting to their new employees so they do not begin on the wrong foot.

First impressions can last a long time in the workplace, and if managers aren't respectful to new employees, it could automatically hurt retention rates.

2. Understand the company culture through employees
Getting employee feedback can be difficult for companies wanting to know how to improve general operations to keep their top staff longer. According to Grammarly, businesses should ask employees questions that will reveal what employees think about their company culture. Asking questions like why employees like their work environment, what does it mean to work for this company and why aren't they looking for another job, could uncover serious answers  from employees instead of the typical "where do you want to be in five years?"

3. Add flexibility to work environment
Young workers are constantly looking ahead, and the new generation of workers will take any bumps in the road as a sign for a career change. If companies want to keep workers longer, they need to introduce flexibility from the beginning, Forbes reported.

Having too many work rules can damper spirits and drive some of the best workers away. When employees can see the flexibility of a workplace in an interview or their first week, workers will automatically have a much better appreciation for the company.

4. Get new-hires involved immediately
When workers feel closer to the organization they work for, the more thought and care they will put into their work. According to Grammarly, employees that believe in the company brand and the direction it's going, workers will invest their time into making the business unique.

Managers should get new-hires involved in decision-making processes immediately so they quickly feel they are a necessary part of the team. While major promotions and other pay bumps can make employees feel more appreciated, businesses can also ask new employees for their input right away so workers feel welcomed and needed.

5. Clearly explain the company brand
Employees want to work for a business that has a clear company mission and when businesses share their goals with their staff – workers will feel more connected to the firm. According to Grammarly, the company brand is what drives great workers to an organization and when employees understand the brand, they will more likely to explain it to their friends and family, which spreads a positive word about the business and it could attract new workers as well.

If companies can clearly explain their vision, culture and values to new hires, employee retention rates will likely increase since workers will feel more involved.

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