US Worker Satisfaction Slowly Rising

23 Jun

HR professionals should work to increase worker satisfaction.

There are many factors that go into job satisfaction – payroll, benefits and company culture are just a few. Understanding the drivers behind workers' job satisfaction is important for human capital management, as unhappy employees are more likely to leave their positions, which can cause an increased need for recruiting and training new workers.

A survey of 5,000 households by The Nielsen Company in late 2013 for The Conference Board found employees largely remain dissatisfied with their jobs, with only 47.7 percent saying they were content with their employment. However, this is an increase in satisfaction from previous findings. In 2012, 47.3 percent of workers were satisfied with their jobs, and only 42.6 percents said the same in 2011.

The biggest reasons behind workers remaining dissatisfied are a lack of bonuses, training programs and promotions. A blog in The Wall Street Journal noted that other drivers of dissatisfaction are often related to benefits, as employers are starting not to match their workers' retirement contributions and healthcare coverage is starting to disappear. HR professionals need to address these issues to improve worker satisfaction and keep talented employees at their organizations.

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