Recruiting: HR Tolerates Few Resume Mistakes

20 May

HR professionals need to be careful to look over candidates' resumes for errors.

Making mistakes is part of human nature, but when it comes to recruiting and hiring, HR professionals know they need to scrutinize the resumes of job applicants. According to a new study by staffing service Accountemps, many recruiters eliminate job seekers from the candidate pool if applicants make one or two mistakes on their resumes. However, the number of HR professionals who discard the applications of candidates with error-ridden resumes has dropped in recent years. When it comes to hiring top talent, HR professionals and managers know even the best performers can miss spell-checking their resumes, but only a few errors are acceptable.

The study received responses from more than 300 senior managers. Of those surveyed this year, 17 percent they would reject a resume if there was one mistake on it. Forty percent and 47 percent said the same in 2009 and 2006 respectively. More would discard resumes with two mistakes than in the past, with 46 percent saying this year they would eliminate a resume after finding two errors while 36 percent felt the same way in 2009. 

Spell checking resumes has long been considered critical for resumes, as candidates need to be careful to use the proper grammar and spelling on these important documents. According to Business Insider, not using a spell-checker to look over the resume is seen as lazy by many HR professionals and senior managers. 

Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps, said attention to detail still remains important for applicants to stand out of the pack, and while many recruiters aren't as strict as in the past, this quality continues to be critical for job seekers to use proper business communication.

"The quick and casual nature of communication today shouldn't extend to the job application process," Messmer said. "Job seekers should take great care in crafting, proofreading and submitting their resumes."

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