Survey: Most Employees Don’t Trust Their Employers

25 Apr

Many employees don't trust their employers.

The American Psychological Association's 2014 Work and Well-Being Survey uncovered a hard truth about the workforce: the majority don't believe their employers are honest with them. 

According to the survey, which received responses from 1,562 employees, 1 in 3 American workers feel as if their employers aren't truthful with them, despite 64 percent saying their companies treat them appropriately. In addition, nearly 1 in 4 people don't trust their employers. Why do workers feel this way? Many cited that they didn't feel their companies offered career development opportunities or provided recognition for good work. Ineffective payroll management can also affect how workers perceive their employer's honesty, as the survey noted the gender pay gap continues to impact how employees feel about their own value and low salaries cause workers' stress levels to increase.

Perception of value is essential for employees to not only feel loyal to their employers and trust their managers, but also to improve their productivity and performance. Many times, workers have good ideas that they don't share with their supervisors because they don't feel valued. According to an article in Inc. magazine, a company culture with a high level of employee distrust often results in low worker commitment and loyalty.

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