Study: Most Workers Aren’t Able to Use All Their Paid Time Off

22 Apr

Not all workers are able to get away from the office and use their vacation time.

Many employees in the U.S. are given paid time off, yet not everyone uses these benefits. According to a new study by staffing firm Adecco, the majority of workers encounter challenges to using all of their vacation time, and some even end up working when they should be relaxing. When it comes to effective employee management, HR professionals need to ensure workers understand their paid time off is there to help them de-stress so they are more productive in their jobs. Not taking time off can end up harming employees' health and performance as well as their employers' success, according to Fast Company.

Adecco surveyed 507 workers, and found one-quarter don't take all of their available days off. Of those who were able to take vacations or time off, 37 percent remained connected to their work in some way or other, such as through email or work-related calls. Giving up paid time off also impacts relationships between colleagues in an office. Thirty-seven percent of those who ended up working during their vacations think less of their co-workers when their colleagues come to the office late or leave early from work. 

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