Company Vocabulary Could Impact Employee Engagement

24 Apr

High employee engagement results when workers feel valued.

Employee engagement ideas seem to be on the minds of both leaders and HR professionals alike these days. However, a recent article in Forbes by HR tech writer Meghan Biro noted that even though companies are employing employee engagement strategies, workers don't often respond to these programs and can even distrust them. This may be due to how people connect with one another. Workers want to feel valued, which is a critical part of engagement, and language used in the workplace can affect employees' perceptions of their own performance and value to their employers.

According to Biro, language is the crucial element many employee engagement programs and initiatives miss. Managers and HR professionals know they must maintain a professional work environment, and some often look to ensure professional communication is present in every aspect of the workplace. Employers don't have to sacrifice professionalism in employee engagement strategies, but know that when managers forget to say "thank you," "please" and "I understand" they may be inadvertently disengaging their workers. Language is everything when it comes to employee engagement.

Business Management Daily created a list of the 10 best phrases or questions managers and HR professionals can use to show workers their value to the organization. Some of these, such as "I need your help," are phrases managers like to stay away from, as leaders may believe these phrases can end up resulting in a lack of respect for management. However, this phrase, as well as others like it, can show workers their leaders value their input and recognize their contributions to the business. HR professionals should ensure all employee engagement programs and initiatives use and build on this type of language in the workplace to encourage enhanced communication throughout the company.

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