Reduce Redundancy and Stay Compliant

22 Oct

One of the leading problems HR professionals face is redundant documentation in benefits and payroll systems. Here are a few simple actions to cut back on filing errors that could lead to HR compliance issues.

Move to Electronic Files

Not all businesses are using computerized data entry methods yet, but for those still utilizing traditional hanging file folders, converting to digital may be a good idea. Not only will it create a single unique file each time, but it will make them easier to review and maintain.

Employ Unified HR Software Solutions

A number of different desks within the HR department may need access to the same files, and having files under a single software umbrella relieves the need to recreate this information repeatedly for individual use.

Try Employee Self Service Systems

Letting the employees view data themselves will make sure their information is up-to-date and accurate so HR management can focus on administration rather than just maintenance. This kind of voluntary correction and review are even used by the IRS to relieve audit loads and identify 401(k) discrepancies.

Reducing redundant paperwork will lower maintenance and potential error costs as well as make the job of HR professionals easier, boosting communication and timeliness of reviews and processes.

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