Compassion in the Workplace

7 Sep

It’s generally the case that people want to associate themselves with benevolent causes and organizations. Why should it be any different in the workplace?

Of course, companies do not need to be selfless philanthropic nonprofits to garner employee confidence and pride, but by implementing a charity drive or an infrequent cause of some sort can go a long way in boosting motivation – not to mention deliver the satisfaction of helping those who are less fortunate. Companies can help people represented by a charity, anonymous foreigners or even employees themselves.

Offering support or help to workers going through difficult times – be it through time off or simple condolences – can boost that employee’s faith in the company while providing other workers with similar confidence. These considerations only build up over time and lead to greater productivity, happiness and retention.

However, such human resource management policies should not be viewed as mere motivational strategies. Instead, business owners should extend their concern to workers as human beings and worry about productivity later.

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