Drive Success and Motivation Through Management

13 Aug

Considering the cost of replacing an individual should deter most HR professionals from jumping to fire even a problem employee given the state of the current economic and job markets. Identifying the reasons why workers don’t succeed and driving strategic HR management solutions can help maintain staff.

Identifying Risk Factors

A listless person isn’t always bored due to a lack of interest in the task he or she has been set. Sometimes the individual hasn’t been properly assigned work or may not have a full understanding of how to accomplish the project they’ve been assigned.

Especially with a new worker or someone just starting a task they may be unfamiliar with, managing criteria for goals along the path to completion can drive progress. If a manager simply hands an employee a project and walks away, autonomy may not kick in immediately causing a waste of time and assets, or worse the employee may perform job duties in an unsatisfactory way simply out of a lack of information.

Killing the Fear

Managing to motivate your workforce through set goals and landmarks is a good start, but another stumbling block for the uninitiated can be undue concern. If an employee is afraid of making a mistake be sure to give enough support and guidance, within reason, to ensure that the work is going smoothly and according to standards.

Stagnancy and setbacks aren’t failure, but ignoring them can lead to the whole project or team collapsing. Extinguishing that concern and managing the fear of failure to succeed is key if work is to be done in the most satisfactory way possible.

Eliminate Roadblocks

Mental and physical barricades can keep an assignment from ever getting off the ground. It’s the responsibility of management to see that necessary tools are available for corresponding tasks, including physical resources like technology and archives as well as experienced individuals to assist with practical questions. An employee who believes he or she cannot succeed will not be able to overcome that hurdle, but providing support can assist with getting over it.

Never look at fear as a weakness. Instead, HR professionals should see opportunities to educate and assist other employees in order to form a cohesive, motivated workforce that will be better equipped to accomplish the business’ mission.

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