See Why Paperless is More

15 Aug

This guest blog post is courtesy of Mary Anne Osborne, SPHR, and principal of the Osborne Group. Mary Anne is a people-centric HR professional and consultant with over 25 years of HR experience in telecom, finance, manufacturing, healthcare and higher education.  Mary Anne presents monthly on our complimentary Sage HR R&R: Refresh and Recertify Webcast Series.

Managing the many facets of human resources can be difficult if your personnel aren’t using a computerized system. HRMS software provides ease of use, collaboration and a reduction of costly errors, as well as better mastery of internal affairs. Saving money and increasing overall productivity with paperless human resources systems should be an intuitive choice for businesses.

HRMS efficiency

Using an HRMS tool in your workplace reduces costs and increases output. That’s because reducing paperwork and streamlining the process makes it simpler for HR personnel to monitor employee performance, access trouble spots and maintain a certain standard of operations throughout the organization. These tools also facilitate employee self-service at all levels of the company, giving everyone an idea of how well they’re doing compared to what’s expected of them.

Cutting costs is also quite easy with HRMS. Employing such a system cuts down on physical paperwork and storage necessities, reducing wasted office space, supply costs and efficiency. An electronic system lends itself more easily to review and makes mistakes harder to miss during initial entry or later in the process. Errors can be much more costly than file maintenance and can have further-reaching repercussions.

Following trends

Technology in the workplace is always evolving, and adoption of modern software like HRMS is vital to stay competitive, attract the best candidates, retain top talent and streamline operation.

By placing all important forms and documents into the electronic system, HR personnel and payroll staff see their job difficulty reduced greatly. There is no longer a mountain of paper to deal with for each worker, sorting out personal papers and tax forms, but the individual can key everything themselves on a computer, automating future processes.

These tools create a digital interface for employee and applicant tracking, monitoring progress and work statistics for workers throughout the company. HRMS tools help them connect with their bosses and select their benefits as well, allowing them to review pay statements and setup direct deposit, as well as enroll in health and other benefits programs. All activity conducted in the human resources management system gives employers a way to review staff preferences and performance, granting greater insight into the minds of workers.

Instituting a human resources management system reduces costs, increases productivity and keeps an organization at the top of the technology game. Instituting such a program is easy, and benefits everyone in the company.

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