Can Online Training Really Be Beneficial?

9 Jul

Empower Your Human Resources Team with TrainingSome businesses may hold back on offering training to employees because they’re worried about the costs involved, but there are benefits to alternative modes of worker development that can make it an appealing employee retention strategy.

Offering computerized¬†training instead of face-to-face opportunities may seem impersonal, but these online courses actually may be more effective teaching tools. Employees can set the pace in training modules and are engaged in various tests and interactive sessions to facilitate applying knowledge at the same time it’s being gained. Rather than negatively affecting the amount employees take away by keeping them active for the entire course, they actually are more likely to learn.

Computer-based courses also save employers money in a number of ways. Gone are the travel and entertainment costs usually associated with off-site seminars, as well as increased hours out of the office and decreased productivity. Since this kind of training can also reach a much wider audience, it allows remote employees to get necessary information as well without the hassle of scheduling conflicts. It’s also much cheaper and more effective to create a single learning experience than have a manager set aside time to repeat lectures.

If you’re interested in learning more about online human resources training, take a look at our Sage HR Essentials Library. The library contains 29 courses that are HRCI certified for continuing education credits and another 45 courses to expand your knowledge on key compliance topics and critical leadership skills.


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