The Case For Training Is Not To Be Ignored

31 May

Human Resources Training and EducationAs the world around us changes, human resources professionals need to adapt in order to keep up with new demands on the workforce. Continuing education and training of HR managers are essential to keeping a company competitive.

New laws are constantly being created and old ones revamped. An HR professional must be aware of labor laws, tax laws, employment laws and OSHA standards. These can sometimes vary by number or type of employees, and whether they’re full-time, part-time or contract workers. HR will be held accountable for staying up-to-date on all the nuances. FLSA guidelines will require equal opportunity employment and monitoring of fairness in the workplace, and training for regular employees in sensitivity or gender relations may be necessary. Knowing when and how to administer this information is a main human resource responsibility.

Technology today is much different than even 10 years ago. Human resources professionals need to know how to use software, mobile computers and smartphones, and a variety of cutting edge payroll and self-service programs. Many of these will provide learning tutorials with their licenses, but it’s important to make sure that human resources professionals have a working grasp of how these programs work so that they can not only utilize fully utilize the tools but can teach others how to use them as well.

Continuing education opportunities help human resources professionals master new skills and gain a level of confidence required to be effective leaders. Many times businesses prefers not to send team members to a conventional classroom, but use software and online courses that provide cost-saving and convenient human resources training.

Human resources professionals should be interested on learning what’s happening in their career field, as its an industry forecasted to be one of the most substantial areas for job growth in the next 10 years. Human resources professionals should be encouraged to sign up for training seminars and seek additional information to help them better perform their jobs. Online tools are key in keeping up-to-date with recent trends and events, finding new ideas and sharing with others.

In order to keep a business competitive when it comes to hiring new talent, as well as compliant with current laws and standards, employers will need to seriously consider some form of continuing education for their human resources staff.

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