Social Media Marketing Can Increase Employee Engagement

9 Apr

Social Media Increases Employee EngagementSocial media marketing is more complex than many dabblers may assume. While the field is still fledgling, forward-thinking companies have developed social policies that involve and encourage participation from all members of the organization. This strategy ensures consistent delivery of content with a diverse voice and perspective.

However, any policy needs to outline the types of activities that are permitted, and include a clear description of appropriate behavior. There really are no second chances when it comes to social marketing, so there is a certain degree of trust involved in an open policy. It can help build loyalty among staff and, ultimately, drive employee engagement.

Managers need to set the tone for conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. A respectful and ethical exchange should be the cornerstone of any policy.

Here are a few ways that employees’ social media activities can enhance marketing and also increase engagement levels.

Engage in Facebook and Twitter conversations – Every employee has a different perspective, and each individual has a host of experiences and interests they can bring to the table when developing content. Employees should be free to share valuable insights, company news and industry information to help spread buzz through the web. Of course, you need to make sure your workers know where to turn for guidance in the case of questionable posts.

Participate in LinkedIn groups – As a professional network, LinkedIn can be an important opportunity to share expertise and glean valuable insight. Coupled with its affiliated apps and services, LinkedIn can also help employees stay informed of market trends and seek out industry talent.

Leverage social aggregators – Digg and StumbleUpon are important social platforms for employee engagement and participation. Workers can use these free services to share content and comment on relevant articles, videos and other media. These sites are also critical for content marketing and search engine optimization.

Empowering employees to speak on behalf of your brand is a surefire way to drive satisfaction and loyalty without investing in direct monetary incentives.

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