Your Employees Should Be Smiling

16 Apr

Your Employees Should Be SmilingEmployees often need to be happy in order to be productive, it is important to have fun at work. Most workforce management experts agree that the satisfaction levels of your staff directly influences performance. So it’s up to you, as the manager, to create an environment that is conducive to happiness. Here are some ways to make your employees smile more often.

Offer new opportunities – Most professionals join companies with the idea that there will be room to grow. But do they know how to navigate the often subtle workplace politics? Are they intimidated or inhibited in any way? As manager, you should take the time – whether through one-on-one meetings or email chains – to show how and where employees can direct their natural ambition.

Give them a voice – People like to know that their words mean something to higher-ups. If you’re able to show your employees that their comments, criticisms and concerns are heard, then it follows that they’ll feel like they have a more important role within the company. But, of course, you can’t forget to give them credit when due.

Support unusual practices – Routine is tedious. If an employee comes to you with a quirky idea for a job title, furniture arrangement, company outing or workplace display, give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out – there’s no need to dwell. The important thing is that you show an interest in new ways of doing things.

Create new traditions – Company traditions – no matter how trite or negligible – can help build workplace culture. Even the extremely silly traditions (like Muffin Monday) can at least crack a few smiles.

“Buying a keg of beer this Friday night won’t change the culture,” points out Inc. magazine. “It takes commitment and long-term resolve. When you find something that works, keep doing it.”

Be fun and set examples – Nobody likes an uncompromising boss, but if that’s the way you are then expect your employees to follow in step. While you don’t want to encourage rule-breaking, it’s more important to promote spontaneity and improvisation – qualities of any effective manager.

“You are the leader, so act like it,” continutes Inc. “Don’t expect others to execute on this one. You have to let your hair down, set the example, and join the party. Get out of your office.”

What is your office like? As a manager do you help create a happy and productive environment?


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