Aligning HR Goals with Corporate Strategy

2 Apr

Human resources professionals are bombarded with articles, seminars, white papers, newsletters and other media touting the importance of HR as a strategic business component. While all of these sources make sound business arguments for this path of future success for HR professionals, few provide useful tools for transitioning from HR’s current operations model to one of a strategic business partner.

What’s more, mounting global competition has placed heavy pressure on large and small organizations to optimize their performance. These forces, in turn, raise expectations among customers, shareholders and even employees. In order to remain competitive, professionals must embrace a number of initiatives for promoting HR as a core business function.

For one, managers need to focus their employee resources on critical tasks and corporate objectives while increasing individual productivity.

Rapid growth and changing market conditions mandate that the HR department of any organization move beyond traditional employee benefit support and training. HR professionals must now take an active role in employee engagement. After all, the old maxim that a company’s most valuable asset is its employees has truth to it, we call this return on employee investment.

Strategy is developed and implemented by individuals who are able to articulate reliable visions of the future. In that sense, HR strategy must be considered in conjunction with other divisions, including finance, marketing, sales, IT and other functions.

Additional imperatives of the strategy-minded HR executive include the ability to identify and reward top performers, and to invest in employee development, whether through training programs or mentorships. Staffing demands will also come to place added stress on recruiters, as companies seek out the top performers for open positions. With heightened competition, companies need to make sure they hire the right candidates for the right positions the first time around.

HR professionals who are focused on strategy should also be able to turn the routine job of performance appraisal into performance management. Toward that end, employers and HR teams need to identify core strengths in individual employees and candidates. They must ask themselves: What are the key elements needed for an employee to satisfactorily perform their job? Are there specific development needs that an employee would need in order to not only handle their responsibilities but move beyond what is expected of them and their organization?

To learm more about transitioning to an HR model focused on strategy, view our recorded webcast, Aligning HR Internal Goals With Corporate Goals – A How To.


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