A New Approach to Weeding Out Inefficiencies

10 Feb

Weed Out InefficienciesEvery organization – no matter how “cool” – has some dull, inefficient process that need to be done. Of course, nobody wants to do these tasks, so they are often given to new hires or lowly workers.

However, while it may be counter-intuitive, having some of your top performers handle these tasks may be a smart idea. Your best employees are likely to have a mind that’s able to recognize inefficient or costly procedures. By directing these workers to take on some of your boring processes you are effectively applying an efficient mind to an inefficient task. Hopefully they’ll be able to identify these kinks and weed them out.

Your top employees may not want to work on these issues, but as a manager you need to get them excited about transforming a dull, boring-yet-essential process into something that is, at least, less burdensome.

It may be helpful to entice your top workers with some sort of reward for taking on these processes. Also, make sure that it does not become a permanent part of their job. However adept they may be at nixing operational inefficiencies, you still want to devote them to core processes that require minds as adroit as theirs.

How does your organization weed out inefficiencies?

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