The Perks of Perfectionism

17 Feb

Perfectionism PerksIs perfectionism a bad thing? It depends who you ask. On the one hand, the unrelenting devotion to mastering a craft translates into quality goods and services. But there also comes a point at which quality can no longer significantly improve, and time begins to be wasted.

The Harvard Business Review points out that perfectionists tend to get a bad rap for being time-wasters who aggravate those around them. However, being a stickler can have some valuable attributes.

Every organization has these people, and they can be both a blessing and a curse – the trick is in drawing out their strengths and stemming their weaknesses. Executives should channel their immeasurable focus and attention to detail toward specific tasks, while holding off their involvement in project management positions.

Isolate healthy perfectionist behaviors from the damaging ones, such as feeling that every mistake is the end of the world. Focus on the benefits of perfectionism while keeping your thumb on its harmful tendencies.

Perfectionism cannot be suppressed, nor should it be.

What are some other ways managers can uproot the perks of their nit-picking employees?


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