Listen Up!

6 Jan

Listen Up!Do you listen to your employees? Do you take them at their word? Is there a sense of trust between you? Whatever your answer to these questions, it’s important to recognize the value of listening to your staff.

The cornerstone of trust is a good ear. If your employees don’t feel like you’re listening to them then they’re unlikely to be very engaged. But what exactly does it mean to “listen to your employees?”

Even the best listeners may have to bite their tongues to stop from reacting, interrupting or trying to console the person talking. Here is some more advice on listening to your colleagues and co-workers.

First of all, avoid any distractions. There’s nothing more rude than offering your attention to someone during a meeting or HR discussion, only to pull out your smartphone to check your email.

It’s also important to ask thoughtful questions. Show your interest and find ways to challenge your employees by pointing out concerns they may not have considered.

How do you ensure you listen to your employees?

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