TGIM: A Reminder About Employee Contribution

23 Jan

Employee Contribution to GrowthToday we’re back with our TGIM series, or Thank Goodness It’s Monday.  Each Monday our posts will focus on employee engagement and we hope to hear your thoughts on Twitter using the #TGIM hashtag or with a reply to us @SageHRMS.

Most business owners understand the value of their personnel. Small companies are particularly disposed to acknowledging their employees and ensuring their engagement and satisfaction. But what happens when a small firm begins to undergo rapid expansion?

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to overlook or even take for granted their human capital when experiencing sudden growth. It’s even understandable – fast growth is, after all, a very time-consuming and distracting experience.

However, it’s critical that managers and business owners keep their workers in mind and respect the immense effort they apply toward sustaining your company’s growth. With that in mind, it may help to take some time to consider your various departments and their respective contributions not only to your business, but to your management style as well.

Ask yourself: How does each executive or department leader contributes to the overall success of your company – more importantly, how do these departments sustain company growth? For the sake of deliberation, let’s go over the various departments:

Human resources

Your people are the flesh and blood of your company. In the sense that they represent your company, the degree to which your employees are engaged and productive influences every other aspect of running a business. In many ways, your human capital is an investment. Measure your Return on Employee Investment to gauge its overall impact on your business.


What could be more important? Whether you’re in retail and business services, the ability to make a transaction directly influences the survival of your company.


Sales is critical, but you can’t make a sale if nobody has heard of your company and its services. The sales team relies on marketing to provide it with leads and a pre-existing reputation.


What keeps your office running? What allows you to communicate with shareholders, partners, employees and clients? Technology. Whether it’s a phone system, your network or other logistical considerations, equipment and operations are behind the scenes making sure everything works.


Accountants, bookkeepers, financial chiefs – these individuals make the numbers work. Business is, after all, about numbers. Your profits – more importantly, the margin of your profits – depend on the ability of your finance people to monitor and regulate costs.

What are some ways managers can show appreciation for their employees?

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