Where Did I Put That?

27 Jan

Disorganization Can Cost Your CompanyDisorganization may seem a mere business nuisance on the surface, but there are plenty of ways it can indirectly affect a company’s bottom line. For one, it becomes easier to lose critical data – perhaps an invoice, staffing list or purchase receipt.

Among employees, disorganization can impact productivity levels and even fray relations with the less cluttered staff members.

Tackling disorganization first and foremost requires a conscious willingness to rethink a number of policies and to upend your normal routine. For example, you may need to begin establishing due dates for certain projects, goals or other operational tasks. This may cause some chaos at first, especially if rigid schedules were not previously in place, but the ultimate result can be beneficial to your company’s bottom line.

Improving organization also requires a renewed focus on efficiency and simplification. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Carol Tice points out that if you have too many procedures or steps to accomplish a task, they can become easier to ignore. Think of ways both you and your employees can streamline tasks to benefit the overall goal of your business.


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