Quick Fixes To Procrastination

2 Dec

Employee in Empty CubicleWe all struggle with procrastination, but usually our adrenaline kicks in at crunch time, our efficiency skyrockets and we’re able to meet our deadlines. But when your office is running low on adrenaline, here are some easy ways to instantly cut down on procrastination.

Make it a regular practice to schedule conference calls near the end of the day or right before lunch and take the chairs out of the conference room. People will be less likely deviate from the agenda or linger after a meeting if they’ve been standing the whole time or want to go home.  

Offer time management training courses. If bringing in a consultant is not within your company’s budget, ask one of the high-performing, more organized members of the staff to lead an informal session.

Next time you have a meeting with an employee whose procrastination and missed deadlines have become a problem, pull up their file on your Human Resource Management System and run a report on their productivity levels. Having a visual representation of how their output compares to everyone else may be the just what is needed to get an employee to pick up the pace.

Does your office support population of time wasters? What are some other ways to cut down on procrastination?

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