Meetings: Are They Hitting The Mark?

9 Dec

Sometimes Meetings Don't Hit The MarkYou’ve heard it before, perhaps from your own employees: Meetings are boring. But do they have to be? Of course not. In fact, with some careful scrutiny, HR managers can beef up their meetings and boost engagement.

First, however, managers need to recognize what it is about their meetings that bore people. Ask yourself: Are they absolutely necessary? If so, must they be as often as they are? Are you repeating information? Would life go on without them?

HR Managers should review the purpose of their meetings – either as a whole or on an individual basis. People may show up merely because it’s on their calendar, but remind them why the meeting exists and ask if it still serves a purpose. Weigh their input and seek to improve the experience for all so that productivity is not affected.

Another good idea is to solicit agenda items in advance. That way, attendees will have the chance to bring up issues that are relevant to their needs and concerns. Remember that your employees will respect your devotion to productivity and your intolerance of wasted time.

Are your meetings a waste of time?

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