Keep The Spirit And Productivity This Holiday Season

4 Nov

Part Time Staffing May Help In The HolidaysWhether you’re in retail, marketing, sales, engineering or human resources, you don’t want to be seen as a Scrooge this holiday season. The November and December holiday shopping season has a way of permeating other markets – not merely the retail sector – as consumer confidence spikes, sales increase and public sentiment swells.

Accordingly, managers need to make sure their employees are at peak capacity, especially as business surges and workers find themselves working harder. Year-end bonuses are one way to keep workers engaged, another is to offer a holiday party. Still, some HR professionals argue monetary incentives send the wrong message.

Whatever your motivational strategy is, you still need to make sure your employees are not overworked. For that reason, hiring part-time or temporary staff may be in the cards.

Employers should make sure their support team is properly staffed. Training them for the upcoming holiday season will help to reduce customers’ stress when faced with delays in normal business processes such as long hold times.

How else can HR help keep workers engaged and productive during the holidays?

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  1. Emily Perryman November 16, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    Give employees a stress free afternoon by bringing in a massage therapist to offer chair massages to all employees.