See The Forest And Not Just Trees

2 Nov

The Forest and The TreesIt’s human nature to get distracted.

When you become wrapped up in a project or specific assignment, it becomes easy to overlook the obvious or fail to notice your surroundings. This applies to short-term projects as much as long-term ones.

While such a condition may help you or your team focus on a specific task, you don’t want to pass over possible deal-breakers or outside factors. For that matter, it may help to bring in another voice. And as a manager, you should encourage workers to speak up and offer their two cents on a given project.

The Harvard Business Review suggests managers ask the question “What are we missing?” every time their team meets. Also, instead of ambiguously tendering the question, request answers from specific people, or rotate responsibility for answering the question. That way you can ensure a balanced approach, one in which you are not the sole torchbearer and, more importantly, not blinded by attention.

Also, seek out input from other parts of your organization. An IT professional, for example, may be able to point out a logistical concern that a marketing or HR expert may not recognize.

What other ways can human resource professionals ensure they do not miss out on the obvious because they are too focused on minutia?


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