HR Management As Corporate Strategy

18 Nov

Human Resources Becoming Corporate StrategyRecent troubles in the labor force may be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to excluding human resources from overall corporate strategy. In regards to company culture, the HR team is fundamental. Their hiring practices, management policies and motivational kicks help drive organizations and provide a personnel basis to growth and maintenance.

In recent years, as the economy tanked and sent unemployment skyrocketing, HR managers have been relied upon to sustain and boost engagement levels, despite the hardships of meeting demands for pay raises or benefits.

More importantly, many companies are beginning to include HR within their overall corporate strategy, even employing HR executives as part of the C-suite.

HR will come to be viewed as a genuine strategies partner in coming years, able to lead and drive growth the creation of a desired company culture.

HR managers will also lead in defining a culture that is focused on employee happiness. However, HR management will also emphasize performance, productivity, reliability and accountability.

Does your human resources department have a seat at the board room table yet?

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