You Know What Happens When We Assume

16 Nov

Man Frustrated With VisionAs a business leader, it’s likely you have some sort of vision or direction for your organization – it’s the reason why you climbed to that position in the first place, whether through a promotion or entrepreneurship.

However, rising to the top of the heap comes at a cost, as your vision, which is unique to you, is not clearly shared among your employees. It’s your job to communicate it as effectively as possible and to incite belief in you and your decisions.

In that sense, it’s about building trust. Trust encourages employees to follow you even when they don’t quite understand your aims or methods.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have the vision and energy, and they work diligently to achieve their ends. However, it’s often the case that they assume too much. They expect mere enthusiasm to be sufficient, but it rarely is.

As an effective and trustworthy leader you need to bring people into your world and communicate abundantly.

Do you find yourself assuming that your vision is communicated to your employees?

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