How To Find The Right Manager

12 Oct

Finding The Right ManagerAs a business begins to grow and take on a larger payroll, the need to manage an expanding workforce becomes increasingly difficult. At some point, business owners will need to hire a manager to take control of the administrative and productivity obligations for which owners may not have time.

Before posting a job opening, take time to review exactly what it is you’re looking for in a manager. List some of these desired attributes and qualifications in the actual job posting, but use others for the actual interview process so you can gauge characteristics and personality traits spontaneously.

Because of the direct role managers have in affected company culture and performance, they need to be vetted diligently. Develop interview techniques and strategies that open them up and offer insight into their reasoning, depth of intellect and other considerations.

It’s also important to gather references for prospective managers – and not just one. Cross-checking one reference’s comments against another can help narrow down his or her true nature and employment credentials.

What are some other ways employers can measure prospective managers’ qualifications?

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