Mentors Can Shape Company Culture & Success

24 Oct

Mentors Can Help Point You in the Right DirectionManagers are good at imparting action and motivation among their employees, but they are not necessarily equipped with the wisdom and expertise to show certain workers how it’s done. That is a job best left for mentors.

Not all companies have an internal mentorship program, but the value of mentors in imparting wisdom is unrivalled. Even if the relationship is not formal, some sort of experienced voice can drastically help new or inexperienced hires take the reins and begin driving performance.

Inc. magazine contributor Leigh Buchanan points out that internal mentorships are intended to help employees develop diverse skills and leadership talents over time. Outside or off-site mentors, on the other hand, are more narrow and come with an expiration date.

Certain sectors and locales may benefit from external mentors more than others, Buchanan adds. This is due to what
CEO Aaron Levie calls a “culture of reciprocity.” Los Angeles’ entertainment industry, New York’s finance sector, Silicon Valley’s tech market – these are a few examples of markets where experts share wisdom at networking events and meetings, businesses benefit from shared interests or objectives.

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