Generating Excitement About a Mentoring Program

3 Oct

Mentoring ProgamsMany companies try mentoring programs, but how successful are they? Long-time employees might think there’s nothing wrong with the way they’ve always done their job, creating challenges for employers when first setting up these programs.

An individualized approach may help win over some workers who are reluctant to participate. Browse through employee reviews stored on your human resource management system to target individual workers’ problems, and match them to staff members who excel in that particular area.

When it’s time to approach a worker about either coaching a colleague or being on the receiving end of the advice, tact goes a long way. Remind a potential mentor about how well their last performance review went, or reference a particular project where they demonstrated a lot of skill. Tell them their knowledge could benefit colleagues, and may eventually make their job easier by reducing the workload a struggling coworker creates.

If there’s an employee who you think could benefit from a little peer guidance, present the topic in a positive light. Start off praising their strengths before discussing areas that need improvement. Remind them that the program is voluntary, but additional skills could help their career path.

Has your company started a mentoring program? How did you get staff members on board?

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