Finding HR Jobs Using LinkedIn, A How-To

28 Oct

Job HuntingThis post, authored by University Alliance, works in conjunction with Villanova University who offers an HR Master’s Degree that is taken completely online. Villanova University also offers HR certification courses which can all be found online.

If you’re a human resources professional, you may have used LinkedIn to post job openings and recruit employees. Now that you’re looking for a new human resources position, LinkedIn can be a proverbial goldmine of leads, information and connections that will be quite valuable when conducting your search.

LinkedIn is a popular professional social networking site that offers excellent opportunities for job-searching. From executives to the
receptionist at your dentist’s office, many professionals are on LinkedIn. By following these tips, you can leverage the site’s many resources to find your next HR job.

Build a Strong Network

LinkedIn is all about building a strong network, so step one should be to analyze yours. Who are your connections? Where do they work? Who are their connections? Reacquaint yourself with your network if necessary.

Before you begin your HR job search, you should start developing and expanding your professional connections. Here are five ways to build your network fast:

1. Join LinkedIn interest groups and school alumni groups.

2. Look up former colleagues and renew those relationships.

3. Meet new connections through your existing network.

4. Use proper etiquette when asking for a connection or introduction.

5. Ask for introductions only from network connections that trust you
and know your work.

How do you help connections get to know you and your work?

Communicate With Your Network

Announcing the launch of your job search to your network is a great first step. You might even find out about an opening, which could really speed things up! Or, you could get very little response – it all depends on well your connections know you.

Get to know your network by maintaining ongoing conversations. Send personal messages, ask for advice or job recommendations, or comment on their posts. Respond to questions in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn and participate in group discussions. You’ll not only build credibility, but by offering your help, you’re much more likely to get their help with your HR job search.

Post Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to increase your standing and get noticed by potential employers. Don’t be shy about asking for a recommendation – most folks are happy to oblige, especially if you offer to reciprocate. Match your requests to your skill set. For example, your former supervisor could speak to your HR skills, while a recommendation from an employee could highlight your leadership skills. A fellow manager might rave about your problem-solving abilities. Varied perspectives can showcase a wider range of your abilities.

Use LinkedIn’s Features

LinkedIn offers loads of features that any job seeker should know
and use:

  • The job search page targets postings for your occupation, according to your profile. If the postings listed don’t exactly fit your
    search, revamp your profile to include the keywords that describe your ideal HR position.
  • Get noticed by adding the “Job Seeker Badge” to your profile.
  • Use InMail for private correspondence with anyone on LinkedIn. Request assistance or ask quick questions about their company.
  • Post news on your HR job search on your “Status Update” to keep your network engaged and your name in front of them.
  • Target 20 or so companies to follow. Check out their employee list and you may be surprised to see you have several second- or
    third-degree connections. Ask your first-degree connections for an introduction.

Search For Skills Related To Yours

You can also keep track of hiring action in the companies you follow by reading their status updates. Or do a global search for your skill
set. Plug your keywords into the search field on the LinkedIn “Jobs” page and you’ll immediately see related job postings. Refine your search by company, date of posting or location as necessary.

Get the Inside Scoop

Spend time each day checking the companies you follow to see if they’ve posted hiring announcements. Send a new hire a congratulatory message and follow up with a polite request for information on how they landed the position. After all, it is a networking site. Communication is the key to networking success.

LinkedIn Can Be Your Path to a New Human Resources Job

LinkedIn is a highly effective networking site, with dozens of resources you can use in your HR job search. Spend some time with these tips, and start getting the most value you can out of LinkedIn. You may find yourself announcing your new position sooner than you think!

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