Harness Creativity When It Arises

7 Oct

Harnessing CreativityManagers, executives and employees of all types rely on creativity as a fundamental aspect of their operations – whether they realize it or not.

The ability to come up with ideas on a consistent and reliable basis is a pressing concern for any competitive enterprise, so it makes sense that so many companies seek to develop work environments that harness workers’ creative potential.

However, creativity is not as manageable as many would hope. In fact, it’s downright fickle. However, many employers seek to ignore this basic truth by altering procedures and manipulating tasks to optimize productivity, which only creates a whack-a-mole situation that exhausts everyone involved.

“You can artificially motivate someone for only so long,” Jason Fried for Inc. magazine states. “It’s nearly impossible to fight the natural rhythm of motivation and productivity. You’re better off recognizing that than waging war against reality.”

However, by embracing and promoting creativity when it does pop up, managers stand a much better chance of taking advantage of the ideas that arise.

What are some ways managers can circumvent creative blocks and dry periods?

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