Freedoms Drive Motivation and Productivity

10 Oct

Freedom and AutonomyIt may seem counter-intuitive to promote freedom and autonomy as leading to greater employee motivation and productivity, but this can often be the case.

When workers have freedom over the creation and development of their work, they come to care more about its quality as they see it as an extension of themselves and their contributions. Managers should strive to leverage this trait in their favor.

The greatest motivator comes from increased worker control, when employees feel as though they are the author of their actions they feel more invested in them.

When workers see the products of their labor in the end result of a project or service strategy, the natural reaction is to be happy and, more importantly, to strive to do it better the next time around.

Of course, managers need to be careful about how much freedom they afford their workers. When a certain level of trust is acquired, employers can begin to administer even more liberties.

What are some ways managers can promote a free workplace?

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