Manage The Fear Of Failure To Succeed

26 Oct

Failure Leading to GriefFace it, you and your organization are going to make mistakes from time to time. No matter how brilliant your teams or confident your executives, failure will come at some point or another.

However, mistakes need not be the fearsome omens of grief that people often see them as. On the contrary, they can be sources of wisdom and learning. In many ways, true innovation stems from failure.

So what’s the one trait that contributes most forcefully to the inability to accept mistakes? Fear. Fear is what discourages risks and stifles creativity. While it’s one thing to recognize fear in yourself, it’s another thing to manage and curtail it in others.

Corp magazine contributor TC North points to five signs of fear that managers should work to suppress both among their employees and in themselves. They are:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Excessive rationalization
  3. Avoidance of situations fraught with risk
  4. Blaming and shaming one’s self
  5. Not giving one’s full effort.

To curb the fear of failure, show your employees that mistakes are bound to occur and that you yourself are not exempt. Create a
common area or message board where people can post and discuss some of the mistakes they’ve made, and be sure to contribute to it yourself.

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