What Is Your Policy On Ink?

5 Oct

Body Art In The WorkplaceYears ago, chances were you would never see a hint of tattoo ink or the glimmer of a body piercing inside a corporate office. But the with the increasing number of young entrepreneurs and more relaxed atmospheres at many white-collar organizations, body art is becoming a more acceptable aspect of workplace attire.

It is not the human resource department’s job to dictate whether an employee can get inked or pierced outside of business hours. However, one of the tenets of personnel management means you are responsible for keeping the peace between workers, and generational differences may mean that some staff members are uncomfortable with their colleagues’ choice of self-expression.

Consider sending out an electronic survey regarding employee attitudes about allowing more obvious body art. Draft dress codes that reflect those results. If some people in the office log complaints about others’ appearances, store their comments in your human resource management system and keep tabs on the numbers – the issue may need to be regularly discussed as people’s opinions change. Also check your local labor laws, as the rules vary regarding employers’ rights to base hiring decisions on body art or ask workers to cover up tattoos.

Have attitudes changed about tattoos on display in the office?

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