HR Can Voice Opinions Respectfully

6 Sep

HR professionals, particularly executives, are increasingly relied upon to provide critical insight to corporate strategy, but it’s not uncommon for top executives to minimize the HR department’s influence.

To ensure administrative or managerial ideas are presented, HR executives need to assert themselves and their roles as critical to long-term company prospects. However, it is even more important to do this in a respectful manner.

Michael Crom, executive vice president of Dale Carnegie Training, suggests professionals learn to manage their thoughts before voicing their opinion on a specific subject.

“When asked for your input it’s always convincing if you start with an example, fact or statistics, and then state your opinion. This way you earn credibility with whom you’re speaking to and this will help build your confidence.”

Asking questions and developing a clear sense of confidence in your attitude and ideas can also help deliver valuable insight to the C-suite.

How else can HR managers raise their concerns in a way that engages corporate leaders?

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