Becoming a More Self-Aware Manager

12 Sep

Introspective ManagerThere are a range of factors that can work to demoralize your employees. Everything from the lack of free coffee to being constantly scolded by managers can, in some way, contribute to a less motivated staff.

What is worse, many business owners and managers assume, especially in this economy, that employees should do what’s told of them and not expect recognition for it simply because they receive a paycheck. This only breeds resentment and complicates the ability of owners to be aware of their management practices. The reality is that what’s racking employee satisfaction and morale may actually be you.

How can you tell? With all the responsibilities that go along with running a business, it can be difficult to stop and ask yourself if a given task or comment is rubbing others in the wrong way.

Start by focusing on your speech and articulating your thought process. Be courteous and take the time to thank workers when they accomplish something. Focus on what employees are doing correctly as much as what could be improved, as this will help balance your attitude.

What are some other ways that as a manager you can become more self-aware?

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