Can personality tests boost ROEI?

28 Sep

Personality Test In Employee Hiring or Review ProcessAdministering personality tests as a part of a hiring decision has fallen in and out of style over the years, and many still debate whether or not the process is worthwhile.

When used incorrectly, the tests can infringe on privacy rights and labor laws. But do they offer some value in ensuring a new hire will fit with the company and stick around for years to come? Considering how much time and money required when on-boarding a new hire, it can be worth the extra effort to analyze in order to maximize the return on employee investment.

Questions regarding how much an employee values loyalty, success, building relationships versus career advancement can be good indicators of whether he or she will be dedicated to mastering responsibilities and making connections through the company.

Keep in mind, some tests can be by their nature discriminatory, so be sure to review federal and state labor laws in your human resource management system before downloading one from the internet.

Do you think personality tests are useful in the hiring or review process?

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