Tips For Interviewing via Webcam

23 Sep

Interviewing via WebcamMany companies expand their scope beyond their local geographic area when hiring new talent, but budget cuts and high travel costs can make the practice of flying in applicants for an interview less expensive.  When it is appropriate, interviewing via a webcam can replace an in-person face to face meeting.  Here are a few tips for interviewing via a webcam.

It’s important to make sure the internet connection is strong – an inability to maintain a connection can disrupt not only the flow of the interview, but will make it appear that the company isn’t technologically savvy.

Avoid multitasking when conducting a webcam interview. Resist the temptation to respond to any emails that pop up. The only documents that should be open at this time are the ones relevant to the interview, such as the person’s application and resume.

Don’t treat this like a social webcam meeting – webcam interviews should still be professional. Even if the time difference means you’re conducting a online interview at home, make sure your shirt is business dress, and don’t have your kitchen in the background. Double check the time difference. Some countries don’t observe daylight savings time, so sync your clocks when setting up the interview.

What are some other important things to remember when conducting an interview via webcam?

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