How an HRMS Can Help During An Investigation

26 Sep

An HRMS Can Help Your Company In An Employee Related InvestigationIt’s rarely a pleasant experience, but sometimes an internal investigation is necessary when a series of complaints from employees reveal a disturbing trend of ethical or legal violations.

Some recent human resource-related lawsuits have landed employers in the defendant’s chair, but information like employee warning letters that you store in your human resource management system could be the difference between a favorable ruling and heavy legal fines.

If the company has found illegal activity during an investigation, you can use information about labor and payroll laws in the HRMS to draft new policies that will help avoid such activity in the future.

Use the HRMS to keep track of and run metrics on the diversity of your workplace. This can be useful when arguing against accusations of discriminatory hiring practices – toward a certain race, gender or protected group – and can also help you police yourself and avoid practices that, though innocent, could appear otherwise to an outside observer.

You can also scroll through employee files to see if a particular worker has a several complaints against him or her, and take a proactive approach to stop any negative behavior.

How do you keep track of data that could be important in the event of an employee investigation?

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  1. Emily Perryman September 29, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    “Keeping track of employee performance and disciplinary actions can be a lifesaver during an ethical or legal investigation. A talent management system allows you to track these things throughout an employee’s tenure with the company.”

    – Emily Perryman